Twenty Summers is an incubator for art and ideas. It imagines a more equitable and sustainable future, twenty summers from today.

The organization was founded in Provincetown’s historic Hawthorne Barn, and we honor its legacy of artistic freedom by providing resources, residencies, and a platform for original projects and innovative ideas.

We believe that, in the right context, creative minds can find solutions to our hardest problems.


Twenty Summers is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit arts organization in Provincetown, Massachusetts, founded to foster public engagement with art and artists, and to honor the legacy of art in Provincetown. Its efforts led to a full restoration of the historic Hawthorne Barn built by Charles Webster Hawthorne in 1907.

Please note that the Barn is only open to the public when we have a listed event.

Twenty Summers films and records almost all of our events. You can watch or listen to past events for free on our videos page and podcast page.

The name Twenty Summers is the closing line of Stanley Kunitz’s poem “Route Six”, capturing the pull of Provincetown and its legacy of art.