As a school and community center, 46 Bradford Street has been a Provincetown asset for more than a century. The Commons continues that tradition as a year-round coworking space for creative individuals, artists, entrepreneurs, and start-up businesses—as well as being a space for education and community gatherings.

Our open-plan studio spaces, for up to ten artists and designers, and coworking space, for up to thirty-four people, operate with a membership model. In addition, we offer flexible community space that accommodates up to 70 participants, an exhibition space, high-speed internet, printing capabilities, meeting space, and teleconferencing facilities.The Commons is an intergenerational community, open to established Provincetown artists and entrepreneurs while welcoming the next generation. Building on the traditions and strengths of Provincetown’s history, we’re committed to supporting the town’s effort to both preserve and grow
the arts as a vital part of our economy and as a facet of our tourism. We’re excited to help build Provincetown’s capacity as a technological hub for media arts and new types of economic innovation.