La Tanzi, Spaulding & Landreth LLP was established in 1969 by Thomas A. La Tanzi. Attorney La Tanzi was joined by Attorney Larry Spaulding in 1972 and Attorney Duane Landreth in 1976. Since that time, we have developed into a dynamic and respected firm of over fourty professionals, including fourteen attorneys, with Attorneys La Tanzi, Spaulding and Landreth continuing to be valuable members of the firm.


Our philosophy remains consistent with the ideals originally established by Tom La Tanzi: the delivery of efficient and effective legal services by experienced attorneys. In order to best serve our clients, each attorney at La Tanzi, Spaulding & Landreth LLP concentrates his or her practice in a particular field of law. Because a client’s legal needs frequently involve more than one area of law, and because the client should be represented by the attorney or attorneys best able to serve the client’s legal needs, we employ a “firm” approach. Our attorneys coordinate and integrate their respective expertise so that each client reaps the benefits of the full scope of the firm’s experience, as needed, to insure their legal needs are met.

Community Minded

In their early careers, attorneys La Tanzi, Spaulding and Landreth immersed themselves in the service of the community serving in municipal positions such as town counsel, town moderator and on various boards and commissions in towns across the Cape. Attorney Landreth was the Moderator for the Town of Orleans for 24 years. In a continuing tradition, our attorneys are dedicated to serving the community. We consistently give our time at local estate planning councils, schools, foundations and several other civic and charitable organizations.

Expertise and Experience

La Tanzi, Spaulding & Landreth LLP employs a diverse group of professionals including both locals and natives of several states, and graduates of numerous law schools and undergraduate colleges and universities. All of our attorneys are admitted to practice in Massachusetts, and several are also licensed in other states, including Connecticut, Florida, New Hampshire, New York, Washington, D.C. and Maryland.