Gifford House is a queer part of the creak-filled bones of a very special old New England town. Every generation over the last nearly 200 years has left their mark here. She feels seaworthy, tested, tried and true. Without any doubt, she is haunted and your experience here is sure to haunt you to come back for more. There is something about the way the cedar shakes burn in the sun here and casually age along with all of us. It’s the passing of time, generational wisdom learned and relearned. It’s the salty, sun-kissed skin glowing against the whites of a summer smile.

Gifford means “the brave giver” in Old English and she’s graciously generous with her moods and charms. The space peels back the masks we wear exposing an environment for the raw expressed. Opening minds and exploring hearts all of us eyes open. Marvel in the natural beauty of those around you, and dance it all away – the less rules the better in these parts.

Join us in play here in the land that makes whimsy its mating call.

“Family”-owned in all senses; we are very excited to share a laugh or two with you.