Against a backdrop of buttoned-up bed and breakfasts, our Provincetown hotel is something different altogether. It’s the place to come as you are—without pretense or formulaic New England design. You won’t find any shiplap, rope knots, anchors, or nautical stripes at AWOL. No floral wallpaper, no doilies, and nothing particularly refined either. Instead you’ll find simple, understated comfort that compliments the natural beauty of our Provincetown hotel’s surroundings. AWOL’s guest rooms are seductive in a natural, lived-in, no frills kind of way, while the outdoor spaces feature several areas made as much for gathering as they are for privacy. All without taking ourselves too seriously. Our Provincetown hotel is an escape, a place where no one needs to know where you are or who you are, unless you choose to let them in. Join us, and create your own perfect getaway in P-town’s West End.