Anchor 2 Anchor features items from the Provincetown Candle Company and the exclusive Anchor 2 Anchor clothing line. The owner designs all the products here in Provincetown, which became his home 6 years ago.
Inspired by seagypsies

When I started Anchor 2 Anchor I had a mission to create items that had a personality, I love color and pattern, I wanted to create something with a soul and most importantly be fun.

I have always had a love of water and especially the sea. The area I live by the sea is rich in history, I was inspired by stories and myths of the northeast, inspired by Sailors, pirates and beach hippies. Iconic images, anchors, skulls and flowers. Never dull, never boring, our adventures begins, this has been a very exciting and personal adventure for me, I hope you check me out from time to time as Anchor 2 Anchor continues to grow and develop.

We offer a selection of Sweatshirts, T-shirts, Shirts, shorts, swimwear, knits, bags, Jewelry and a few home items.

Provincetown Candle Company we started 3 years ago, all our candles are made here in Provincetown. We offer 10 different scents, these are available here in our store, or at other outlets in Town. We have expanded and are now selling our candles in 5 different states.